Big Bag Press


Designed to remove the excess air from loose bags


All clamping pressures are adjustable to suit optimum requirements for the compression of the bag

Our Big Bag Press consists of a heavy fixed rear wall, single clamping sidewalls, a pair of closing doors and a top clamp all hydraulically powered. The top clamp perforated to allow air to escape.

The loading “box” is designed approximately 600mm above floor level for access by forklift truck with a jaw opening of 1900mm high max; 600mm high min to give clearance. This accommodates the highest big bags of 1.75m and will clamp down to a compressed height on the small bags of 620mm.

Hydraulically powered sidewall with a maximum opening of 1500mm closing to 900mm. Each sidewall 1600mm high x 1000mm deep. Setting of sidewalls would be adjustable to limit travel to 150mm wider than the bag.

Hinged front door swinging fully open to allow loading access.

Requires a 3 phase 400 Volt 32 amp supply to 4kW electric motor and power pack mounted at the rear of the machine. 24V solenoid-operated hydraulic valve assembly with auto-sequenced single touch button control at the front of the machine plus optional manual override.

All clamping pressures are adjustable to suit optimum requirements for the compression of the bag.

A truly unique machine which can transform your bag warehousing workflow