Pallet Sales

We sell all types and sizes of Pallets. Call us for a quote

We can supply the following types of pallets

Timber Pallets

We have access to a large storage capacity for both raw materials and finished products. In manufacture of these pallets the latest technology and machinery is used so that you receive quality products promptly.

Used Pallets

We offer quality second hand pallets individually inspected and repaired to meet your requirements.

Custom Pallets

If standard pallets do not suit your requirements, we have the ability to supply you custom built pallets and boxes made to your specifications.

Plastic Pallets

We offer plastic pallets which are of high quality materials, and sold at competitive prices. With a variety of sizes and styles available, your plastic pallet requirements can be fulfilled. See more here

Steel Pallets

These pallets are a heavy duty option. We also offer custom built pallets, crates and boxes, to meet your requirements.

Export Pallets

These pallets do not require fumigation, therefore they do not have expiry dates. We also offer custom built pallets, crates and boxes, to meet your export requirements.


We can supply pallets to suite any international size standard

1165 x 1165

New Zealand
1200 x 1000


1200 x 1000 & 1200 x 800

United Kingdom
1200 x 1000

1216 x 1016

Plastic Pallet Range

Product: BBJ 1165
Size: 1165x1165x150mm
Colour: Green
Weight: 27 kgs
Type: Ventilated Deck, High Specification 2 Way, Notched for safe Beam Racking

Product: BBJ 1160 – Heavy Duty Warehouse Pallet
Size: 1160x1160x150mm
Colour: Black
Weight: 27 kgs
Type: Warehouse Pallet, Ventilated Deck, Anti-slip

Product: BBJ 1165 Australian Hygiene Pallet
Size: 1165x1165x150mm
Colour: Black
Weight: 33 kgs
Type: Flat Deck-High Specification 4 Way, Notched for safe Beam Racking

Product: BBJ 1140 (Lightweight Export Pallet)
Size: 1140x1140x120mm
Colour: Black
Weight: 7.5kg
Type: Side beam location recesses for safe Racking/2 Way Entry/ISPM 15 Compliant

* Please Note: The BBJ 1140 has primarily been designed as a low cost single use export pallet with a dynamic load capability of 1T. The BBJ 1140 is only 7.5kgs in weight and designed for integrated loads of packaged goods (cross stacked cartons etc) With this in mind, the nature of the load is critical to the pallets operational capability.