Other Forklift Attachments

BBJ can design and supply unique Forklift Attachments to suit your needs

Layer Picker Clamp

This “original patented” hydraulic fork mounted layer picker was designed for handling single or multiple layers of canned or bottled substances in Beverage Warehouses.

Its function is to efficiently form a full pallet of mixed layers consisting of various products, a task that up until now could only be performed manually. To achieve this, the Layer Picker clamp is lowered over the loaded pallet until the correct number of layers is reached- then clamped with four rubber faced pads. These layers can then be lifted and transported to the next pallet for placement on top of other cartons, forming a mixed pallet.

This clamp is designed to easily install onto any forklift truck – it simply hangs beneath the forks, thus benefiting the operator’s visibility during alignment and load pick-up. When the clamp is no longer required for layer picking, it can quickly be removed, reverting the forklift to conventional use. We estimate that Distribution Warehouses handling cartoned, bottled or canned products would expect to see a return of investment in approximately 3 to 6 months after the purchase of this clamp. 360 degree slewing models are also available.


Stainless Steel Rotator

This NON RUSTING rotator has no “balls” only a replaceable teflon insert. It features excellent visibility & fast rotation. Built exclusively for transferring product from one container to another in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and pickling industries where corrosion and contamination cannot be tolerated. The Stainless Steel Rotator is manufactured with a ring -gear, main frame, fork bars and hardware all 100% stainless steel.

It’s the ultimate rotator for handling corrosion sensitive products. The unique patented ring-gear does not contain balls or rollers, instead it rotates on a polyethylene insert that is readily replaced when worn. The insert is one of 3 parts of the main ring gear (all individually replaceable), that is impervious to water, and most acids and self cleans during every revolution. Replacement of any of these parts is fast and inexpensive compared with the cost of replacing conventional rotator ring-gears, containing balls or rollers.

With service in mind, all grease points have been located at the front or on top of the rotator and the one piece speed reducer can be serviced simply by removing four screws. There are no seals to replace in the ring-gear. Visibility is excellent – through the middle, over the top and on both sides of the carriage.

All of our Forklift Attachments are compatible with the leading Forklift brands

Hyster – Yale – Mitsubishi – Nissan – Crown – Caterpillar – Linde – Toyota – Clark – Komatsu – Jungheinrich – Hyundai – Nichiyu – Doosan – Plus More

Marble Handler

A hydraulic attachment used for clamping and lifting one end of crated slabs of marble for the purpose of removing them from the end of closed top containers. While the high-mount slab style arms secure the top of the crate (giving stability), the lower single platen simply carries one end of the load. By lifting slightly above the ground and guiding the crate across the floor the forklift driver now has complete control of the whole operation from the safety of his seat.

The arms are used only for stabilizing (not clamping) the crate as it is being withdrawn from the end of a closed top container. Full carriage sideshift allows the operator to pick up or place the load in the center, on the left or right hand side of the container. Basic non sideshifting models are also available as well as fully floating arms that self align during pick up. Optional slip-on rubber faced pads (shown above) are also available for intermittent use if wooden bracing is damaged. These pads should not be used for clamping of slabs.

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