What are the benefits of Pallet Inverters?

Are you moving or storing pallets in your factory or warehouse? Maybe investing in a pallet inverter is right for you. Pallet inverters can save you money on damaged goods, labour and pallet costs and it can keep things in the factory or warehouse efficient, organised and more productive.

Pallet Inverters in useThe initial investment of a pallet inverter may seem expensive but it pays for itself in the long term as it enhances productivity and makes business functions more efficient. The pallet inverters are usually a large piece of equipment but they mean that less manpower is needed to do the job, therefore enhancing your business. With the time saved, trained personnel are freed to perform their correct functions and injuries to employees are reduced. You will also cut costs by keeping the minimum number of pallets on rent.

If you’re replacing pallets often, the pallet inverter is right for you. A forklift can damage goods if not used with care but with a pallet inverter, you can store with stability and high stacking potential with minimum fuss. Most of the damage is done while pallets are on transit or being forklifted from one location to another but with a pallet inverter, there is less cost to pallet repairs.

If you are frequently rotating in larger quantities during or after the production process, a pallet inverter can save you time. Instead of rotating single boxes at a time, the pallet inverter offers you the investment of rotating large quantities at a time. It also offers versatility where you can switch from one pallet type to another conveniently without investing in different equipment.

Always use the ideal pallet

Incoming goods can be switched to the ideal pallet for your application:

  • plastic or aluminium in hygiene sensitive areas
  • in-house racking pallets
  • special sized or styled pallets which your own handling system is designed around
  • Chep pallets if you prefer to use them but your supplier doesn’t.

Outgoing goods can be transferred from your own choice of in-house pallets to a variety of other alternatives like:

  • wood pallets where plastic or aluminium are used in production
  • expendable or one trip pallets, where the customer is unlikely to return or exchange good ones
  • slip sheet or other slim pallets thereby saving on cubage weight and pallet costs
  • customers own pallets
  • sling bags
  • Chep pallets where you prefer to store long term on your own pallets but your customer prefers to receive pool pallets.
  • Also used for the easy insertion of Freezer Spacers

Pallet Inverters are a versatile piece of equipment

Large Pallet Inverter - RR Type 1Pallet inverters are highly specialized and the equipment serves its intended purpose quite well with reliability. With the speed of a pallet inverter, your workers will thank you for making their work much easier. In addition, a pallet inverter offers better use of warehouse space as damage loads are usually stacked up waiting for someone who has the time to restack them by hand. The inverter doubles as a load straightener as poorly stacked or tilted loads can usually be made safer by squaring off in the inverter. Transfer of raw materials to hygienic plastic pallets for use in-house becomes a breeze and recovery of damage or broken pallets that would be a hazard on a racking system becomes efficient.

Suitable for use across many industries

  • Food & Beverage
  • Transport
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Bricks and other Construction material handling
  • Printing
  • Plus, many more

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