Palomat Automated Pallet Dispenser Solutions



The PALOMAT® AGV Pallet Dispenser is specifically built to work with Automated Guided Vehicles to automate the stacking and de-stacking of empty pallets.

The PALOMAT® AGV is designed to communicate independently with your fleet of driverless forklift trucks and maintain a constant and effective flow of pallets to and from the production line.

PALOMAT® AGV simultaneously also ensures uniform docking and if the PALOMAT® AGV is empty or full, it will send a signal to the driverless forklift truck, which will automatically ensure that the PALOMAT® is filled or emptied.


  • Integrated AGV interface with 24VDC I/O signals for external equipment
  • Uniform docking and floor level stacking and de-stacking
  • Optionally supplied with or without software (a complete program within the PLC)
  • Your choice between a 100% electric or a pneumatic version
  • Optional ‘Cold Environment’ version for use in environments down to –25°C
  • Communicates with a wide range of driverless forklift trucks
  • Supplied with comprehensive instructions and documentation
  • Fast and Simple, Australia-wide installation and reliable service supplied by BBJ Materials Handling



The future of Automated Pallet Handling is here. The PALOMAT® AMR is a revolutionary unit that takes your pallet workflow to another level. 

The manual loading of your AMR inventory is no longer necessary when utilising the PALOMAT AMR system. Through independent communication, the PALOMAT® automatically stacks and de-stacks pallets onto the AMR, functioning as a pallet buffer and docking station.

PALOMAT® AMR dramatically increases the Autonomous Mobile Robot’s workflow and eliminates time spent on manual pallet handling. Thanks to this ability, your workforce is able to better focus on high-valued work tasks rather than manually loading and unloading of AMR’s.

Through the use of communication protocols the PALOMAT® AMR automatically informs the Autonomous Mobile Robot when to empty the pallet magazine. Furthermore, the PALOMAT® AMR runs on 230V power and can easily be moved around the warehouse floor if a change of location is needed.

The perfect partnership – PALOMAT® AMR

  • Time and cost-saving benefits are made by releasing manpower for more valuable tasks
  • Significantly improves the workflow of any Autonomous Mobile Robot by automating pallet handling
  • Correct and uniform stacking and de-stacking of the AMR
  • It is a fully automated pallet buffer and docking station
  • Ideal for streamlining your internal logistics and supply chain
  • Makes for a much safer working environment
  • Eliminates manual pallet handling
  • Easy Australia-wide installation and service provided by BBJ Materials Handling
  • 100 % electrically powered from a 230V plug
  • Supplied documentation for easy implementation into your floor layout
  • It can easily connect with any Autonomous Mobile Robot