Mobile and Inline Pallet Strappers


Finally, an easy-to-use, single person palet strapping solution is here!

The Mobile Pallet Strapper allows a single person to strap a pallet with no manual handling making it a much safer option. The system adopts innovative chain-pass rolling technology. The chain-pass carries a belt through the bottom of the packed goods and around the goods; the belt will be sent to the operator. The operator only needs to grasp the packing strap and put it into the welding tool to finalise the operation with better speed and more comfort on the body and its posture.

This system is designed based on ergonomics, without bending over to feed through the belt in awkward positions, reducing operator fatigue, single operation and saving labor. With a patented design and fast feeding belt, the average time to feed the belt is less than 10 seconds (depending on the size of packing items). It has a central integrated lithium battery power supply, short charging time and long operation time as the battery can be packed for 500-600 times continuously when fully charged. A touch screen function is available when setting parameters. You simply click the relevant button and the numeric soft keyboard will automatically pop up on the page. After setting, click “OK” to save parameters and exit automatically.

The Mobile Pallet Strapper is only to be used for strapping with plastic straps (polypropylene and polyester). Strapping with a steel strap is not possible with this system. This system is designed for strapping pallets/loading carriers and has been developed and constructed for safe operation when strapping. Dimensions include (all types) length 950mm, width 750mm, height 1250mm, with a maximum height for packing of 3000mm and depth maximum of 2000mm. Ideally, it needs a gap of a minimum 90mm to have the lance protrude and it can strap loads up to 3m high.


Custom-made Inline Strapper’s to suit your high volume purposes

The fully custom-made Inline Strapper allows for a high volume of pallets to be strapped automatically with no manual handling, making it a much safer option and allowing for time efficiency. The pallet is simply placed on the Inline Strapper conveyor with a forklift and the pallet passes through the unit which straps the pallet automatically in two places to finalise the operation with better speed and efficiency. 

With a strapping speed of around 15 second per strap (for standard bow arch frame), the Inline Strapper is capable of strapping up to 40 to 60 pallets an hour. Pallets can weigh up to 2000kg and can be of different width to the CHEP 1170 x 1170. As the Inline Strapper is custom built, the unit can have several pallets on the entry conveyor and several pallets on the exit conveyor, with 1 in the strapper itself. The unit can be made shorter or longer depending on your needs.

The standard bow arch frame size [2250(H)×1600(W)mm] can be customised according to your needs. Strapping tension is approximately 85kg. Additionally, the conveyor speed is motorised by 0.75KW power supply with a total power of around 7KW. Entry and exit conveyors are adjusted to suit your needs with safety light curtains to switch off the operation, so personnel is safe in case someone should decide to enter into the fully guarded area, and the Inline Strapper will also have service and warranty Australia and New Zealand wide.