Qubiqa Warehouse Management


Qubiqa layer picking programmes are a model of efficiency, leading edge ergonomics and intelligent control!



Qubiqa Layer Picker FLEX

The robot arm can move the Layer Picker® in all directions, offering completely new application possibilities. With up to 8 picking or place positions the Layer Picker® Flex-R can be used for both picking for replenishment and batch layer picking at the same time. This means that the Flex-R solution can be used for pallet to pallet picks and negative picking as well. One machine – multiple applications!

Qubiqa Layer Picker GANTRY

The Layer Picker® Gantry solution allows for a large number of products to be available for picking at the same time. The Layer Picker® Gantry can be built to almost any size and number of pick pallets to meet customer demands. The Layer Picker® Gantry is primarily applicable for pallet to pallet handling. The pallet to pallet solution can be mixed with a pallet to descrambler solution, giving great flexibility to the layer picking process.

Qubiqa Layer Picker HOIST

Qubiqa’s Layer Picker® Hoist solution is a well-proven solution with pallet hoist for the lifting of pallets up to the Layer Picker® head. This solution can be used either with descrambling alone and / or with an integrated pallet to pallet solution. The Layer Picker® Hoist offers a very stable and straightforward layer picking function in virtually any environment.


BBJ Materials Handling is an integral distribution/service partner for Australasia of Qubiqa Layer Picker Solutions; the absolute world market leading layer picking technology! Contact Us today to find out more.


Qubiqa Stripper Plate

The Qubiqa Stripper Plate ensures a fast and safe removal of slip sheets from underneath full layers. The layer is placed on a plate with friction bars. A chain-driven pusher pushes the entire layer of items off the slip sheet and onto the adjoining system. The slip sheet remains on the plate due to the friction bars and is dropped into a bin below the Stripper Plate when the plate retracts into its home position.


Qubiqa Descrambler

The Qubiqa Descrambler is constructed with 3 individual driven modular belts to ensure high speed while safely ensuring the separation of the goods. First belt acts as a buffer zone for the Stripper Plate, and the following 2 belts separate the rows in the layer. The crossing modular conveyor at the end receives the rows and singles out the goods at high speed onto the adjacent conveyor.


Qubiqa Box Turner

The Box Turner ensures a quick, precise and reliable rotation of items with even bottoms. The Box Turner receives items in the centre line of the conveyor at a random, turned position. Immediately before the Box Turner, the position of the item is detected by the scanner, and the item can be turned to have long side or short side leading. Turning of items in other angles will also be possible upon request.


Qubiqa Tray Loading System

The Qubiqa Tray Loading System offers a high capacity, different tray sizes and loading patterns. Customized setup for each installation makes the tray loader highly adaptable in almost any system. The tray loading system handles two different tray sizes with high capacity and throughput. After correct orientation of items, a pusher ensures that items are placed on the correct location, and tray loading takes place on the fly.