Automated Pallet Dispenser Solutions

Automated Pallet Dispenser Solutions

BBJ Materials Handling is proud to be the exclusive Australian dealer for the Palomat range of Automated Pallet Dispensers. We currently offer both the AMR and AGV Pallet Dispenser options and are here to help you automate your pallet workflow.

Palomat AMR

The pallet magazine automatically stacks and de-stacks pallets onto an AMR, functioning as a pallet buffer and docking station, and therefore maintaining a consistent pallet flow inside any company. 

The Palomat AMR pallet dispenser comes with a bottom frame and wheels on the side plate, securing adjusted placement and stabilisation. It automatically informs the AMR when to empty the pallet magazine (by means of the installed maximum indicator for 15 pallets) to ensure consistent pallet flow. 100% electronically driven, only a 230V plug is needed, it is easy to change the location of the pallet magazine with a hand pallet truck or forklift truck if the workflow changes.


Palomat AGV

The PALOMAT® AGV Pallet Dispenser is specifically built to work with Automated Guided Vehicles to automate the stacking and de-stacking of empty pallets.

The PALOMAT® AGV is designed to communicate independently with your fleet of driverless forklift trucks and maintain a constant and effective flow of pallets to and from the production line.

PALOMAT® AGV simultaneously also ensures uniform docking and if the PALOMAT® AGV is empty or full, it will send a signal to the driverless forklift truck, which will automatically ensure that the PALOMAT® is filled or emptied.