Case Study: Exceeding Expectations for Slade Health

At BBJ Materials Handling, we are committed to providing custom solutions that cater to the specific needs of our clients. Our collaboration with SladeHealth is a prime example of how we go above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Our engagement with Slade Health began with a referral. As Mathew Anastasopoulos, National Logistics Manager at Slade Health, recalls, ‘Our experience with BBJ Material Handling started with a referral from an online supplier. We required a pallet inverter unit on short notice for an upcoming project in South Australia. From the first interactions with Bob, Mia & the team, they were quick in answering any questions we had as well as providing recommendations on the unit itself alongside which model would suit our needs.’

Upon deciding to proceed with the purchase we efficiently managed the new vendor requirements and accommodated Slade Health’s purchase order process. Recognizing the urgency of their needs, we arranged rapid transport from NSW to South Australia. Demonstrating our dedication to service, we supplied a 3.5T forklift from a local hire company to assist in the unloading and maneuvering of the pallet inverter at Slade Health’s site.

Mathew further emphasizes, ‘The BBJ team even went the extra mile and accommodated our urgent installation needs. I will be returning to BBJ for future material handling needs and couldn’t recommend them enough.

This project with Slade Health highlighted the importance of adaptability and customer-focused solutions in our industry. From advising the transition from timber to plastic pallets for enhanced hygiene in a medical environment to meeting an urgent installation request, our team demonstrated its capability to handle complex challenges with ease.

Our successful partnership with Slade Health underlines our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our service. At BBJ Materials Handling, we are not just about meeting expectations; we are about setting new standards in customer satisfaction and operational excellence.