How to optimise your plastic pallet inventory

Are you looking to optimize your plastic pallets inventory management? Look no further! We have the perfect trio of solutions that will revolutionize the way you handle your pallets: take a look at our range of Premier Pallet Inverters, Palomat Pallet Dispensers, and our new Pallet Washing Machines.

Premier Pallet Inverters effortlessly rotate, invert, and transfer pallet loads, eliminating the need for manual handling and reducing the risk of workplace injuries. This innovative machine ensures the safe and efficient exchange of goods between different pallet types, making it ideal for product quality control, switching pallets from wooden to your own plastic pallets, and also space optimization.

Palomat Pallet Dispensers automate the process of manually retrieving pallets from stacks, providing quick and easy access to pallets whenever you need them. By automating the pallet retrieval, you can save valuable time and labor costs while improving overall operational efficiency. Plus, the compact design of our dispenser ensures it fits seamlessly into your existing warehouse layout.

Maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of your plastic pallets is crucial, especially when dealing with sensitive food or pharmaceutical products or adhering to strict industry standards. Our New Pallet Washing Machine offers a comprehensive solution to thoroughly clean and sanitize your pallets. It employs advanced cleaning techniques, removing dirt, debris, and contaminants, thus ensuring your pallets are always in pristine condition. This product is very new to our range, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0422 464 176 or reply to this email if you’d like more information.

The benefits of implementing these solutions in your plastic pallet inventory management are numerous:

Improved efficiency: Automating manual tasks reduces labor costs and increases operational speed.
Enhanced safety: Minimize the risk of workplace injuries associated with manual handling.
Space optimization: Rotate, invert, and stack pallets efficiently, maximizing your storage capacity.
Product quality control: Ensure your goods are transported on clean, sanitized pallets, meeting industry regulations.
Time savings: Retrieve pallets effortlessly with our dispenser, saving valuable time for your workforce.
We understand that every business has unique requirements. That’s why our solutions are customisable to fit your specific needs. 


To enquire about how we can help you with your plastic pallet management, call BBJ Materials Handling on 0422 464 176.