Take a closer look at Al-Lift Lifting Solutions

BBJ Materials Handling have partnered with Al-Lift to help minimize heavy lifting and optimize your workflow on a daily basis. You can find everything from swing cranes to traverse cranes, lifting gear for trucks etc. The choice of machine depends on your materials and handling tasks. The lifting solutions include:

Bridge Crane Systems

Does your company need a traverse crane with a solid lifting capacity? Al-Lift have developed a number of different traverse cranes which are suitable for both the light and more demanding tasks in the industry. This gives you the opportunity to find just the crane that will best handle the task. All traverse cranes are ceiling mounted traverse rail systems, but they can also be supplied as freestanding systems if needed.

The cranes are ideal for area-wide transport. They have different lifting capacities where the maximum capacity is 500kg. Options include some models with either a vacuum system or electric hoist depending on your needs.

Cranes w/ Chain Hoist

A swing crane is an indispensable lifting device when working within a defined area and with repetitive lifting. Even more indispensable is investing in a crane with a crank arm, as the crank arm allows objects to be handled in the narrow areas.

With a swing crane and crank arm, lifting conditions are reliable and secure, and the precise handling of objects by the crank arm relieves manual handling and reduces the risk of injury. Options include the AL-TELECRANE and AL-GOLDDIGGER in several different models. We also have a selection of swing cranes without a crank arm if this fits your work tasks better.

Lifting Yokes

Among the Al-Lift lifting equipment range, we have a selection of different lifting yokes with vacuum including the waist-hung AL-SPIDER EL and AL-BUTLER 200, both of which handle steel and wooden boards with suction cups. However, the AL-SPIDER EL has several adjustable suction cups that allow larger plates to be handled. This one also has a heavier weight of 58kg as opposed to the AL-BUTLER 200 which has a weight of 14kg.

All lifting yokes are constructed of durable materials that make them extremely durable in harsh industrial environments

Industrial Manipulator

With an industrial manipulator you can handle various heavy lifting. The AL-MULTILIFT is an intelligent electronic manipulator that has a unique knee arm that can rotate as much as 375° on the column. It has a lifting capacity of either 60 or 80kg. If you are looking for a manipulator that can handle heavier items, you may want to take a closer look at the AL-POWERLIFT, which has a lifting capacity of 125 or up to 320kg. Like AL-MULTILIFT, AL-POWERLIFT has a knee arm that can rotate 375°.

Forklift Solutions

BBJ Materials Handling can also offer lifting equipment for trucks and stackers, which aims to help companies achieve faster, easier and more efficient order picking. This equipment ensures gentle lifting for employees when dealing with large and heavy items in their daily work.

We offer both removable and integrated solutions with either vacuum system or electric hoist. The detachable lifting equipment has fast and easy mounting and dismounting, so that trucks or stackers can be quickly switched to other applications.

Trucks and stable

The choice of lifting gear depends on various factors. Firstly, it depends on what issues you have to deal with. Here variables such as porosity, size, and weight play a major role. If you have to handle larger items, some lifting gear with a vacuum system would be ideal. The AL-PACK TRUCK model offers this plus the suction cups can be quickly replaced so that different types of cargo can be handled.

If on the other hand, you have to handle smaller items that are still too heavy to handle without a machine, an electric hoist would be more suitable. The AL-PACK MOBILE EL can be an obvious solution if you are looking for a removable lifting system. This is available in several versions so that the machine can be adapted to your specific needs.

If you are looking at minimizing heavy lifting and optimizing your workflow, call us on 0422 464 176 to see how BBJ Materials Handling can help you. Offering a wide range of Al-Lift machines, we can help you find the best solution to handle your needs.